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The brand new London Road building at London South Bank University is now home to an impressive configuration of custom-made lockers made by our Workspace furniture division.

Tasked by Wilmott Dixon to create a series of bespoke lockers based on an exacting brief; leading locker specialists Lockertek called upon the expertise of Fathom. The challenge was to not only design a solution in keeping with the minimalist interior, but one that could respond to the varied needs of students.

Ashley Morrison, Managing Director of Lockertek, commented, “This new campus building was billed as an architectural gem, so it was important to work with a trusted partner who could deliver a practical locker system with a premium aesthetic. We’ve worked with Fathom on several projects so were confident that their proven creativity and agile manufacturing would be the perfect fit for this project.”

However, the result went beyond just style and substance, with over 50 metres of lockers, comprising 101 secure storage units, now lining the corridors of this busy location.

“The lockers had to blend effortlessly into the interior while also servicing requirements of its users.” continues Ashley. “The team at Fathom were soon up to the challenge, successfully creating four different lengths of locker, with each seamlessly incorporating a mix of standard storage units and drawers, alongside laptop charging and larger luggage spaces.”

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