Fathom strikes a chord with Eton College

Education Solutions

Famous boy’s independent boarding school, Eton College, is the latest high-profile location to receive a custom-built storage solution made by our Workplace Furniture Division.

Challenged to create a series of lockers that could accommodate varying sizes of musical instruments, the team worked alongside locker specialists Lockertek to create a bespoke run of units that now sit proudly within the education facilities Music Department.

Comprising 20 large lockers tailored to house Trombones and 56 further units to keep smaller instruments and student’s valuables safe and sound, the result is a secure facility that sits harmoniously within the building’s interior.

Managing Director of Lockertek, Ashley Morrison, elaborates “When approached by the Head of Music at Eton to suggest a system that could keep valuable items safe yet easily accessible by students, we were immediately able to offer a custom-made locker configuration that would achieve just this.

Thanks to our strong relationship with Fathom, we were able to work together to create a premium quality, highly secure locker system that looks as good as it performs”.

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