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Cutting. Shaping. Edging. Finishing.

How We Do It

We are specialists in the conversion of melamine, laminate, and natural wood panel products.

Using state of the art CNC equipment and software, Fathom can deliver a wide range of products from machined panels to full carcass assemblies and worktops for fixed and freestanding furniture.

Our Wood Mill is extremely versatile and has the ability to edge any shaped wood-based flat-panel product from concave to convex.

We can also work with a variety of materials including MFC and MF-MDF as well as Solid Grade Laminate such as Arpa and Trespa®.

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Our Services

With state of the art manufacturing facilities, we’re able to expertly craft on site

What We Can Do

Our wood mill primarily supplies the furniture and building industries but can cut machine, and edge panels for virtually any application. Our products are perfectly suited for use in the furniture and joinery trade as well as kitchen, bathroom, and shop fittings. We are skilled in cutting, drilling, and machining any shape in almost any panel material and provide a full edging service. We work to your exact requirements and ensure a quality service.