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To be a successful member of team FATHOM you will be Passionate, Purposeful, Resilient and Caring.

Although we don’t have any specific vacancies at the moment we are always looking for talented individuals to join us. If you think you would be a great addition to FATHOM please get in touch.

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We speak up for the things we believe in

We explore ideas from our Suggestion Scheme every month

We reflect, improve and evolve

We review all projects with a “Fathom Forward” session to learn and adapt

We understand why

We plan for the day with our daily team huddle

We do the right thing

We use 1-2-1s to support each other personally and professionally

We celebrate the things that really matter

People are recognised for exceptional contributions

We are united by our determination to succeed

We understand our business through our ‘Going Deeper’ programme

We are relentlessly effective

We hold a departmental ‘Monday Marker’ meeting every week to keep everyone informed

We understand people and respect them as individuals

Everyone will have a voice through the works panel

Don't just take our word for it, see what our team really think about working at FATHOM.