Overseas Manufacturing

Our ability to coordinate the manufacture of elements of our designs overseas has strengthened our capabilities so we can deliver projects of all sizes.

How We Do It

The partnerships we’ve curated have given us the ability to get products to market quickly and efficiently, whilst providing attractive cost efficiencies. With our dedicated quality control staff in place overseas, as well as regular visits from our team, we are able to provide large scale manufacturing capabilities to UK standards, ensuring the highest quality and performance of our products at all times.

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Our Services

With state of the art manufacturing facilities, we’re able to expertly craft on site

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What We Can Do

Our overseas manufacturing capability has meant we could deliver large projects like a new power tool POS display for a national DIY retailer. After a carefully planned executed design and manufacture process our team in Thetford received 3 containers from China. In total over 110,000 pieces, not including fixings, were processed and selected into sets, packaged, and dispatched for a store roll out across the UK & Ireland. All of this was achieved 2 weeks ahead of schedule. We have the capability to expand on these numbers to fit any project sent our way