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We believe in the power of creativity, so we have cleverly designed and manufactured a versatile storage wall, locker system, and bespoke workspace furniture.

Our modular storage wall provides you with ample opportunities to fully customise a system that will perfectly suit your space. As you grow, our system will support you with a wide range of useful plug-in additions, such as storage lockers, filing systems, bookshelves, and media units.

The storage wall also comes with a wide range of customisable elements, ranging from door sizes, door colours, handles, and locks for security; along with options to utilise banks of lockers.

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What We Can Do

There are exciting developments being seen across the office environment sector with the rise in agile working and zoning spaces becoming more popular and for good reason. Agile working has enabled employees to take control of how and where they work, providing a great amount of flexibility, optimising their performance.

Our experience means we can support your fit-out or workplace change project, with planning and budgeting for total office furniture solutions.

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Who We Do It For

We have experience of working with commercial architects, interior designers, and directly with clients in a multitude of industries such as office, retail, leisure, industrial, and education.

We can start to work with clients when they have very defined requirements or a building redesign they want to be delivered. We can even step in if the project is near completion and you need the finishing touches.

After understanding what you want to achieve we’ll go straight into the process to plan the detail, the costings, and all the logistics.

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