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Custom storage walls, lockers and bespoke solutions for schools, colleges and universities

The Educated Choice

Fathom has a track-record in designing, building and installing storage walls, displays, lockers and bespoke solutions for schools, colleges and universities. Our custom units are designed and made in Norfolk, so you can benefit from a solution that’s thought-out and made to your unique requirements.

Our expert team is here to work with you on creating a practical answer to your education environment’s storage and display requirements with an attractive, high-quality unit that’s durable and capable of withstanding constant use.

We’ll surprise you with fresh ways of looking at problems, but that doesn’t mean we’re expensive and you’ll find our custom solutions surprisingly affordable.

The Experts

At Fathom, we know the route to a successful project is having specialists that truly understand their part in the process. Through our experienced project managers, you’re directly connected to skilled design, manufacturing and installation teams with the understanding and vision to create a unique solution for your school, college or university.


The solutions

Whatever your storage or display requirements are in your school, college or university fit-out, the likelihood is that Fathom has built something very similar before.

Along with listening to your needs, we put this experience into designing new classroom design ideas, education storage solutions or

learning display systems to comeup with the right solution, made in the UK.


The Fathom locker system has been refined over decades and is an example of our expertise in delivering affordable custom furniture solutions. A modular system that can be readily scaled to your education environment, we can adapt storage to accommodate whatever’s needed.

So, whether you’re looking for a locker system for 25 school starters or 250 young adults, our durable and secure storage units can be specified in a range of colours to match your school, college or university identity. A range of mechanical and electronic access systems are available. What’s more, the hardwearing and easy to clean anti-bacterial finish keeps your lockers looking great and more hygienic.


Education Walls

We’ve designed education walls for classrooms that need to maximise storage and functionality.

With optional whiteboard and display fronts and built-in AV units, these adaptable systems provide useful storage. Combining storage – including secure access – and teaching aids, our Education Walls are a great option for schools, colleges and universities that need spaces that work hard for teachers, lecturers and their students.


Storage Walls

Our modular approach allows our Storage Walls for schools and universities to provide limitless configurations in a size made to fit perfectly within your education space.

Featuring enclosed storage and open display units, Storage Walls can be used as free-standing elements suitable for contemplation areas or as a way to help zone spaces.

With hardwearing and easy to clean finishes and a range of colours to support your establishment’s identity, these simple yet versatile systems are hugely popular.



Perfect for secondary and higher education fit-outs, where a mature approach to interiors needs to be reflected, our workplace alcoves are customisable in a range of configurations and finishes to create high-quality secluded working and meeting spaces. Used in open plan areas to create a calm and restorative place for concentration, they are an effective way to begin the transition to further education and careers. As with all Fathom custom solutions, our Alcoves are made from durable and easy to maintain materials.

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Connecting with nature is proven to reduce stress and anxiety and supports the wellbeing of staff and pupils, so our workspace storage planters are an ideal addition to classroom and congregation areas. With built-in storage, they are practical as well and can be custom sized to fit requirements.

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Allowing education establishments to convert open floor space into collaborative and easy to access desking, our workstations can be specified with a range of options.

With handling spaces, built-in storage and custom built to requirements, they are a no-compromise and affordable solution.



Bringing versatility to hall and congregation spaces, our custom seating allows the fast creation of adaptable contemplation and collaboration areas.

From fixed units to portable and removable, our custom made solutions in a range of hardwearing and low maintenance fabrics add a feature to unused spaces or neglected corners, turning unused space into restorative and productive areas.


Your sustainable partner

All our education furniture solutions are manufactured using FSC-certified materials and our metal and wood-based frameworks and doors are recyclable.

We consider the environment in which they’ll be situated, making them robust to wear and tear and therefore low-maintenance to help prolong their lifespan. We also collaborate with our partners to ensure their sourcing requirements are considered and adhered to.

Let’s connect

Your education environment is unique, so deserves a unique approach to its display and storage needs.

That’s why every Fathom project begins with a non-committal meeting to see how we can help you to make the most of your space.

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