Retail for IVC, The Next Generation


FATHOM were chosen to design, develop, engineer, and manufacture the initial roll out of 300 displays for the IVC concept flooring wing display.

At 2.8m wide and 2.2m high, this is one of the largest free standing wing display units we’ve ever seen, holding an impressive 72 sample boards, which is nearly a half a ton in weight, in a seamless single wave display.

Designed as a modular system, the display can be added to, to create a much longer wing display should the space allow, or alternatively positioned back to back with another display to create an impressive island unit, this modularity also allows for easy and efficient transportation, and installation.

Due to the carefully considered construction, this display can be built from the front in-situ, making installation possible without the need to manoeuvre the display post assembly. The display also features full length diffused LED’s in the base, and a huge panoramic magnetic graphic header panel, illuminated via full length diffused LED’s to the top and bottom.

Each individual sample board is located into the unit via specifically designed brackets attached to the top and bottom of the sample board. This allows for each board to be removed easily from the display so the customer can assess the product qualities.

These brackets can also be removed from the board and applied to new sample boards as new colours come into the range thereby protecting the initial investment in the system.

In addition the top bracket features a label area that not only signifies the product type relative to each board facing, but which also features an additional label area to the top, which in turn allows products to be identified when all the wings are closed together and the board faces are not fully visible.

This display forms the first part of a family of next generation displays which will suit a range of spaces and store environments.

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