A New Vision for V4, A Modular Approach


V4 Flooring and FATHOM have worked together for over ten years, and during this time we have helped them develop many different display units, including their very first Modular display system.

We were delighted therefore when V4 approached us with an ambitious plan to develop a truly flagship, top of the range system, of flexible modular shop in shop units. The brief was simple, design and produce a truly outstanding set of display units that when installed into any retail destination, would allow for the optimum use of the space available, whilst still allowing for the maximum amount of product to be displayed.

In addition to this, the intelligent use of lighting and lifestyle graphics were required to play a key role in the look and feel of the system, with each element given careful consideration for their placement, shape, and effect.

And finally, whatever the chosen layout plan, the whole sum of the units employed needed to flow seamlessly, as if they were one whole complete bespoke piece of retail store furniture.

It was a great pleasure for us all here at FATHOM, not only to work yet again in close collaboration with the team at V4, but also to be trusted with such an important development for them, and help bring these ideas to fruition, long may this continue.

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