Workplace Wellness


Wellness within the workplace is something that is incredibly important to us at FATHOM. That is why we have created Fit2FATHOM -our wellness programme that encourages positive physical and mental wellbeing.

We pride ourselves on having great company culture and actively promote and implement policies that are designed to not only to support a healthy office and workplace environment, but that encourages our team to look after their wellbeing in all aspects of their lives.

What are we doing to actively promote wellness within the workplace?

1. Walk & Talk meetings

Not all meetings need to be held in the office, where possible (and weather permitting) we take our meetings outside and walk and talk! We love that this encourages our team to get out into the fresh air but also helps get people up and away from their desks. Plus, it helps get those steps in!

2. Water Bottles

We FATHOM-ised some water bottles that encourage our team to stay hydrated! It’s been proven that performance increases if team members are drinking plenty of H20 – who are we to argue with science, so we gave our staff the challenge of drinking two full bottles a day!

3. Pilates

Last month saw the first of our weekly Pilates classes. We’ve funded these classes to encourage our team to try something new, stay active and get healthier! It was a fantastic class that not only got blood pumping, but the muscles shaking!

4. Organised staff events

Wellness is not just about ensuring someone is in good physical health, but also has good mental health. We regularly organise fun, varied events that get our team members involved in activities that aren’t work related. Later this month is our summer family BBQ hosted for all FATHOM staff and their families to come along for a day of food and activities. We’re all really looking forward to this event, especially the bucking bronco, gladiator podium and our annual tug-of-war competition. We’ll share an update of the event along with photos of the valiant bronco efforts later this month.

5. Chilli & Chat

Every quarter we hold a company meeting that brings the entire business together for a presentation on business progression, department updates and food! We host a Chilli and Chat session at the end of our meeting to encourage our teams and individuals to hang around after the meeting, ask questions that they maybe wouldn’t want to ask in front of everyone and have some delicious food cooked by members of staff. Each meal requires a small donation and all proceeds are then donated to our chosen charity.

6. Service Awards

We also ensure our team are rewarded for their dedication to the company. It’s a way for us to show appreciation to all the hard work they put in and their continued commitment to the business. This month saw Steve & Mark receive their 5 & 10 year service awards – congratulations guys!

Our Fit2FATHOM policy is constantly evolving to ensure it is current, progressive and impactful. We believe in challenging and trialling ideas so that we can ensure we’re always delivering the most meaningful policies within our business and we’re always open to learning and growing from experience