Deeper Relationships…


Our founder of Fathom, Matt Cater shares his vision for Fathom and the exciting times ahead for the business as a whole.

My vision for Fathom is about building a world class company

I’ve always known the type of company I wanted to be part of.  It was a company that values its people and that has the potential of being world class!

People say times are tough for manufacturers because of Brexit but isn’t that true of any business?  What I see ahead are opportunities.

Some of you will know us after working with our brands Creative Displays and Walton Designs. So why are we changing?

We are uniting our brands.

We have a great reputation, and one which we are incredibly proud of. We are already well known in the retail industry for point of sale and education and health care sector for contract furniture, where a good majority of our work comes from, but as part of our vision for the business we’ve identified many new and exciting opportunities. We are investing heavily in our people and business and continuing to diversify in order to secure our future and unlock the potential we have as a business.

We have a three-year growth strategy to consolidate our position as a market leader and open up new opportunities including the launch of a new Commercial Workspace product offer aimed at delivering ‘first to market’, innovative, agile working products for commercial interiors.

The whole company is energised. Our team can see our plans, they can see what it is we’re trying to do and more importantly why we’re trying to do it.

“I’m really excited about where we’re heading. For the first time ever in this company’s history we will be one company with one vision.”

What does Fathom mean?

Fathom is an old word originally meaning ‘to embrace’, and over time became a standard measurement of depth, based on the span of a person’s outstretched arms.

Today, fathom still means depth – not just of water, but of understanding. To fathom is to fully grasp a problem, person or perspective. To fathom it is to get beneath the surface – to perceive, to comprehend, to figure things out.

To me it is a name which perfectly encapsulates our approach and what we want our business to be.

“Fathom is our name because it’s a statement on what we do and how we do it.”

For our clients our value lies in how well we ‘fathom’ for them.  How well we dig deeper, explore and understand their projects.

With outstretched arms we build lasting relationships with our customers and each other.

Exciting times ahead.

Bringing the Fathom brand to life is a massive moment for me.

This is still my first job, I started here 14 years ago as a designer. I worked hard. I tried hard and I never ever gave up.

Everything I have done in those 14 years was building towards where we are today, I’ve learnt and grown so much as a person in this time and now I’m part of the company I dreamt off.

I feel so very incredibly proud to launch Fathom to the world.

The shackles are off and it’s time for us to fly!