Why Fathom is leading the way in UK retail display

Retail Display

We understand that when it comes to retail display, you want the best team available in terms of design, manufacture and installation. Of course, we’re going to tell you that Fathom is the best. Our industry experience spans three decades and the combined skill and knowledge of our expert design and manufacturing teams is unmatched. The world-class creations we produce prove that we are one of the UK’s leading retail display companies.

But you don’t just have to take our word for it. Four of our most recent projects were shortlisted for the 2023 POPAI Awards, which is a showcase of those dedicated to achieving excellence in retail display. The accolade is the ultimate symbol of creativity, innovation and best practice in the industry – a hallmark of excellence that provides the benchmark for success and the catalyst for continuous improvement. Here’s what received the accolade:

Retail Service and Signage: VoCoVo Assistance Button

The brief:Boots customer service podium in partnership with VoCoVo

Fathom was tasked with re-designing VoCoVo’s customer assistance podium that could be easily distributed, within budget, across a wide variety of retail environments, from high street pharmacies through to DIY stores. The client requested a simple yet effective design with little or no visual distraction beyond the call-to-action and assistance button. The final design also had to meet specific safety standards, including topple and force tests.

The solution

We used our creative design skills and manufacturing knowledge to build a versatile podium that can be utilised in almost any retail environment. It presents the customer assistance button on an angled base at average hand height with a bold and impactful call-to-action, making it easily accessible to all shoppers. This enables stores to effectively man areas that often require assistance without the need for staff to be deployed in the area permanently.

To meet the safety requirements, we used software to calculate tipping points and made design tweaks at prototype stage to guarantee a first-time pass on standards. We drastically lowered the centre of gravity of the stand and increased the weight of the base plate, choosing materials that ensured production costs were kept within budget, end-of-life recycling was considered and the aesthetics of the podium were not compromised.

The result was a safe, effective and portable podium that could be distributed to stores via the courier network either fully assembled or flat packed, in specially designed boxes to ensure that they were delivered in perfect condition every time. VoCoVo were incredibly happy with the project and the end results, praising the “speed to market, cost and sustainability along with adherence to retailer guidelines.”

Short Run Permanent: Kahrs Modular & Platimum V3

The briefKahrs Flooring display

Fathom was tasked with the design and build of a brand-new flooring sampling display for Kahrs. The primary focus was on the Luxury Vinyl Tiles range, with storage for additional samples and cleaning care products. It had to engage customers and improve the shopping experience and should be versatile for use across a wide range of stores, from large chain retailers to small, independent outlets, without compromising on brand identity.

The solution

Fathom’s solution revolutionised how flooring samples are deployed in the retail environment. It replaced ad hoc bespoke units for individual stores with a completely modular system that can be reconfigured to suit any retail space without compromising on the impact of the display. The integrity of the design, the identity of the Kahrs brand and the customer experience remain the same regardless of the configuration chosen.

We replaced the typical ‘wing’ display with a slide-out mechanism that enables a far higher volume of removable samples in a compact space. A colour-contrasting design with large, illuminated graphics and lifestyle imagery attracts the attention of the customer, drawing them in to explore the interactive display. Additional samples and supporting products can also be easily accessed and viewed.

The unit has driven an increase in unitary implementation across a variety of retail outlets, both independent and chain. Across the monitored stores, the new displays delivered an increased dwell time of 46% versus the same stores with the original units. This, along with improved engagement between customers and store staff, has resulted in an incremental sales uplift of 3%.

Merchandising: Invictus Premium

The brief:Stan-Out-Retail-Display -Invictus-flooring

Fathom was tasked with the design and manufacture of a large in-store display for Invictus Premium, adapted to meet the specific needs of the UK market while retaining the same brand look and feel as its European counterparts. The display had to be suitable for smaller stores, include customer interactivity, present the full range on offer and enable retailers to discreetly store additional samples. It also had to track and feedback customer engagement.

The solution:

We worked in close collaboration with the client to ascertain the learnings from the EU market and how we could adapt their retail display to best suit the UK market and its more compact retail outlets. We reduced the height and footprint of the display, incorporated a wing-style display mechanism and used eye-catching graphics and a large, interactive screen in keeping with the strong brand image the client.

Despite the display being more compact, we used state-of-the-art technology to engage customers and ensure they are still able to explore the full range of products and access additional content. The innovative design combination of the illuminated header, impactful graphics and interactive touch screen creates theatre and an instant customer reaction. Physical samples are complimented by QR-enabled recall of product information.

The display also incorporates cleverly concealed storage drawers and provides analytics on customer engagement via remote wifi monitoring of screen clicks. The result is an innovative yet functional and highly effective display unit that ticks all the client’s boxes and more, fitting seamlessly into its EU-wide retail suite while meeting all the requirements of its UK-based retailers.

Installation Project Management: Carpetright Carbon Stores

The brief:Carpetright

Fathom was tasked with storage, picking and packing and delivery and installation of the Carpetright’s Carbon Stores retail display. It was a complex project dictated by very short lead times and varying sized displays, each one determined by individual store requirements and often with just one weeks’ notice. Our team had to ensure timely delivery and provide

live reporting and tracking on all installations to ensure consistency across the estate.

The solution:

The first step in the process was to make adequate space in our warehouses and adopt our internal stock system to ensure every component was properly accounted for. We then assembled highly experienced pick and pack and installation teams, both with flexibility on resource. We ensured we had access to various vehicles of different sizes on short notice and installed a software program to enable client/store communication and live reporting.

The key to the project’s success was flexibility, with our teams being prepared and ready to react quickly as and when each assignment came in via the roll-out schedule. As every installation was different from a componentry perspective, stock holding, picking and packing and build requirements changed each time. Our expert project manager ensured accuracy and consistency, checking in with the teams at every stage of the process daily.

The multi-skilled shop fitters were selected for their knowledge, expertise and skillset across joinery, metalwork and electronics and ensured all objectives were met or exceeded. A ‘live portal’ allowed designated stakeholders to access real-time work-in-progress reports on each installation, with photos and store manager sign-off upon completion. As the client states, the entire project was “delivered on time, on point and to an extremely high level.”

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