How to design the perfect education space


Designing age-appropriate education spaces is far from easy as A, B, C!

There are many aesthetic and practical aspects to consider, and it is vital that education spaces provide children with an appropriate environment in which they can thrive and develop.

According to industry experts, classroom design layouts, choice of furniture and equipment and the interior scheme all contribute to the wellbeing and ability for children to learn and play.

This blog looks at the challenges faced by today’s education facilities. From primary and secondary schools, through colleges and universities, we delve into age-appropriate design and the current trends in classroom interiors, revealing that it is far from a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

Lockers for education

From early learning to University  – education design through the ages.

When designing a safe and inspiring classroom, it’s important to consider how to best utilise the space to help support a child’s development.

The choice of furniture plays a vital role, with its aesthetic and practical advantages measured equally to a deliver long-term solution in a sector where design is often held back through tough budget controls.

Primary School design ideas

The use of bright colours, enticing textures and inquisitive patterns can all help to stimulate young children’s senses and encourage them to engage with their surroundings.

However, the space also needs to feel safe and be safe. It needs to provide a soothing environment for the young to feel comfortable, while also delivering storage solutions that can stow away potential items that could cause harm.

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Secondary School interiors

As children enter their teenage years, classroom design matures too. It needs to deliver a calming environment that encourages social interaction, but also offers areas of escape.

Classroom and communal also need to respond to growing independence, providing solutions to leave workbooks and personal belongings safe and sound during a busy school day.

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Designing for Higher Education

When students feel engaged in learning and personal development, higher-education facilities such as colleges and universities provide a springboard to a successful career. A well-designed space that encourages collaboration and connection is key, with carefully considered seating and desking also playing a vital role during times of peaceful study.

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Stress-free Staffrooms

Creating relaxing and inviting staffrooms can help mitigate the stress often felt by teachers. Comfortable furniture in calming colours and places to keep possessions safe all help contribute to a welcoming staffroom design, resulting in a more productive and happier workforce.

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See what’s trending in education design?

Whatever the space, whatever the need, we’re seeing design evolve in education, and thanks to our UK agile manufacturing facility, we’re always responsive and on top of trends.

Best in class culture and brand identity

Most schools, colleges and universities are very proud of their history and ethos, with its culture key in attracting talent. Much is to do with their identity and the look and feel can be integrated into any design scheme through the selective use of materials and colours.

Also, with the growth in Academies and Academy Trusts, common identities that flow through multiple schools are becoming more commonplace. Through the use of cohesive design in furniture choice, Trusts can elevate interiors affordably and effectively.

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Classroom Technology

Technology now plays a defining role in the classroom. Thanks to the internet, access to content, resources and materials is now commonplace. While tablets and computers offer individual learning opportunities, focal AV screens for education are vital in creating classroom environments that encourage collaborative thinking.

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Flexible and Modular Furniture

More and more schools are introducing convenient, mobile, easy-to-move furniture within learning spaces. These additions allow spaces to work harder, encouraging flexible layouts that can adapt to need.  They support zoning and offer agile working environments.

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Bring the Outside, Inside 

Biophilic design has been around for some years, and such are the benefits it brings to interior design, more and more learning environments are incorporating plants into their schemes. By connecting pupils with nature, plants encourage a healthier and more productive environment.

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Next steps to improving your education spaces

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