Why Is Good Retail Display Important?

Retail Display

It’s no secret that bricks-and-mortar stores face more challenges than ever before. Competition has never been fiercer, attention spans are fleeting and online shopping dominates, so the significance of impactful displays in your physical retail space cannot be overstated. Well-designed and executed retail display is essential to capture the attention of your customers, efficiently demonstrate your product and convert browsers into buyers. 

You can discover our expert guide on how to create a stand-out retail display here, but as for the reasons why you need one, read on… 

Capturing attention in a crowded marketplace Alternative Play Library - interactive retail display

The modern-day consumer is spoiled for choice with a sea of products vying for their attention. Your retail display should act as a beacon, drawing your customers in and piquing their interest amidst the cacophony of the competition. Clever, intuitive and innovative retail display stops passers-by in their tracks, compelling them to explore further and making it more likely that your product is the one they choose to buy. 

Outstanding retail display is even more important in multi-brand outlets, where your concession sits side-by-side with numerous other companies offering similar goods, and space is often at a premium. In stores with a very limited footprint – as was the case in our most recent project for lifestyle flooring brand, Alternative – your retail display must work even harder, using every inch of the allocated area to maximum effect. 

We were tasked with designing a wall display that would enhance Alternative’s brand presence and increase its customers’ product knowledge, all within the confines of smaller, inner-city stores. The result was a compact Welsh dresser-style unit in line with the brand’s homely aesthetic, incorporating an attention-grabbing illuminated graphic and interactive ‘play surface’, which encourages shoppers to engage with the samples and explore digital product information via embedded QR codes. 

Increasing customer engagement

Shopping is no longer a transactional activity; it’s an experience. Physical stores are now destinations where consumers seek immersive, memorable and engaging experiences that educate, entertain and inspire. Your retail display can tell your brand story and bring your products to life, forging a deeper connection with potential customers and ultimately convincing them to part with their hard-earned cash. 

Physical demonstration is a powerful tool, and it’s an advantage that bricks-and-mortar stores have over internet retailers, so use this to your brand’s advantage. Provide a unique experience that cannot be replicated online, allowing shoppers to see, touch and interact with your product to significantly increase the propensity to purchase. This was one of the main objectives of the brief for our recent project for Mercado and its two key brands, TLC and BMK. 

Mercado requested a retail display that made the customer journey interactive, enjoyable and informative. We designed an immersive experience using innovative RFID technology, allowing customers to place each flooring sample board into a cradle, activating detailed product information and visual stimuli on an integral 42” screen. This resulted in an uplift of 20% more dwell time and a 7% increase in sales within the first 3 months.

Elevating brand identity and perception 

Beyond its functionality in presenting your products in the best way, your retail display also plays a pivotal role in shaping your brand’s identity and influencing customer perception. The design of the display, from the colours to the lighting to the materials used, should communicate the essence of your brand, reflecting the aesthetics of the business and the value proposition of the product. 

This is particularly important in the omnichannel marketplace, where your customers may begin their shopping journey online before venturing into store to complete their purchase. If your retail display has the same look and feel as your online presence, you create a more cohesive and efficient customer experience. This consistency fosters brand recognition and a sense of trust and familiarity that will keep your customers coming back

Premium carpet brand, Crucial Trading, recently partnered with Fathom to enhance its brand presence and expand its market share within high-end, multi-brand retail stores, while also efficiently integrating customers’ online and offline shopping experiences. We designed a sleek and striking, 3-metre-wide wall unit with space for 560 SKUs, in keeping with the sophisticated feel of Crucial Trading’s brand identity and website aesthetic. 

Crucial Trading Stand Interactive Retail Display

Pioneering technology facilitates a seamless customer journey from online ordering of samples to in-store purchase, with each sample sent out being embedded with an individually programmed RFID chip. Customers are invited to visit the store and place the sample on the unit to access in-depth product information via the integrated 43” touch screen. The unit saw Crucial Trading increase its market share within the first month. 

Driving sales and conversions 

Of course, the ultimate goal of your retail display is to drive sales and convert browsers into buyers. In a marketplace driven by consumers’ desire for speed and convenience, there is a short window of opportunity to persuade shoppers to buy your product. A good retail display should act as a silent salesperson, efficiently guiding your customers through a curated journey of discovery that will significantly impact their purchasing decisions.

Clear and compelling messaging alongside strategic product placement is essential to influencing buyer behaviour, increasing basket size and maximising revenue potential. This is particularly important if your product offers customers a wide variety of options, as demonstrated in our recent project for flooring manufacturer, Palio, whose collection of vinyl, wood and stone designs is available in individual tiles and planks with three fitting formats. 

The retail display had to effectively communicate various messages, from the collective selling points of the brand to the unique features of the individual products. By implementing a strategic blend of branding, layout optimisation and customer-focused initiatives, we created a highly shoppable display for up to 48 SKUs, using bold, impactful graphics to convey the messaging clearly and concisely. 

Ready to elevate your retail display? 

Good retail display extends far beyond aesthetics; it’s a strategic necessity for any retail brand looking to thrive in an increasingly competitive market. At Fathom, we are experts in designing, manufacturing and installing innovative, intelligent and effective retail display solutions that meet and exceed your business goals. Get in touch with our expert team to transform your retail space, connect with your customers and increase your sales.