Meet The Team – Adrian Iles


This month we stole 5 mins of Adrian’s time (which isn’t easy) to find out more about his role, who he would swap jobs with at FATHOM, his extensive experience within furniture retail and manufacturing, plus how he helped explosive experts in his past!!

Grab a coffee for a fun five-minute read.

Describe your role at FATHOM

As Managing Director and Company Secretary, I am responsible for the strategic direction and corporate governance of FATHOM alongside Matt. I have the honour of leading a driven, enthusiastic and passionate management team running the daily operations of the business. The really exciting element of my role is the future opportunity, working with the teams to realise our true full potential, moving what is a good business into a best-in-class great business.

Before working at FATHOM, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

My first role…too many years ago now! working for Tarmac Plc as a management graduate having been assigned to a stone quarry in Stainton South Yorkshire. The guys in the quarry would let me drive the enormous dumper trucks moving the stone around the quarry and on a few occasions, I was allowed to help the explosive experts to drill holes in the quarry face, pack in the dynamite rods and then the excitement of pressing down the detonator plunger…now what young man doesn’t like driving enormous dumper trucks and blowing things up! …none of which would be allowed these days, quite rightly I might add, with the current H&S regulations.

If you could switch your job with anyone else within FATHOM, whose job would you want and why?

This is a difficult one as I really enjoy my role, the challenges it delivers along with the autonomy to make a difference compounded by the joy and satisfaction of working with really passionate and talented people… but if I was pushed for an answer, I would say Matt’s role as I always feel he has the easier life…but I am sure he wouldn’t agree 😊

How did you get here?

My career spans back 35 years in business with 26 of those years at Company and Group board level. Having started my working life within Tarmac Plc I then specialised in economics and finance becoming Finance Director of a large, National furniture retailer and manufacturer. I then moved into the role of Commercial Director and finally Managing Director for an 8-year stewardship before seizing this opportunity here at FATHOM.

Finally, tell us a fun fact about yourself.

Not only, on reflection, funny but my most embarrassing moment…Returning from an overseas buying trip with an entourage of buyers and merchandises passing through Heathrow airport. I walked into a glass door with such force and momentum that the impact threw me backwards several feet, flat on my back and somewhat stunned and disorientated…how do you recover from that! …the embarrassment still resonates to this day some 16-years later. In my defence, I did notice passing through the airport a few months later that a number of strategically positioned blue spots had been placed on the glass.

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