OSB Power Tool Retail Display


Following on from the successful launch of the Tiling Bay Display System, B&Q naturally returned to Creative Displays to help with the re-vamp of the existing slat wall display for power tools.

A strong visual identity and customer shopping experience had already been determined by B&Q via the use of OSB (Oriented Strand Board), and the use of benched displays, to help give a workshop feel to the whole power tool display section. Aligned with this was the desire to have easy to use, secure, interactive tool holders, presented at optimum angles to achieve best line of sight of all product ranges when browsing the display, while ensuring the correct orientation of the product every time after customer handling.

During design development several obstacles had to be overcome when trying to translate the ease of use, and flexibility of the old slat wall system into a new design, especially given the material nature of OSB, and a desire to avoid an over complicated, costly, design solution.

Creative Displays worked closely with B&Q to produce a design solution that not only maintained the strong visual characteristics of the OSB and the desired workshop feel, but which also delivered modularity and ease of use through carefully considered design elements, and user interaction points. Whilst still achieving the aim of being able to view all the product ranges at a glance.

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