Balta Crown Floors, Defining Future Trends


FATHOM have been a trusted key supplier for Balta’s in store retail displays for over ten years now, in fact we were there right at the start with the design and manufacture of their first generation wall display units for the Crown brand. So naturally we were delighted to be asked to re-visit this unit to design, engineer, and manufacture the second generation of this display.

Working closely with Balta through the development of the initial brief and its specific requirements, FATHOM were able to offer a range of conceptual proposals which allowed Balta to become empowered in the development process and truly visualise their future display unit for the Crown brand.

The end result is a new exciting display unit in two tone panel colours to emphasise the corporate colour scheme, a new lighting system, specially designed injection moulded handle for hanging samples, a modular lectern bed to accept different sample sizes, and a new construction method that allows boxed and assembled displays to arrive on site on a standard 1200mm x 1000mm pallet, greatly reducing transport costs, and speeding up on site assembly of displays.

This approach really has set a new blueprint for future displays of this type.

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